Given the new ISO 19642, the ISO working group will be restructuring its standardisation of automotive cables. Decisive changes have been made to standardisation of automotive cables recently. Whereas differing requirements applied to the individual regions just a few years ago, ISO 19642 constitutes an international basis for future applications. This new ISO 19642 comprises ten parts and includes the technical content of the following, already existing standards:

ISO 6722-1 Dimensions, test methods and requirements for copper conductor cables
ISO 6722-2 Dimensions, test methods and requirements for aluminium conductor cables
ISO 14 572 Round, screened and unscreened 60 V and 600 V multi-core sheathed cables

The working group has revised the parts covering high-voltage cables. They will be integrated as parts of ISO 19642 as well. The new standard will be adopted probably at the end of 2018 / in early 2019. As soon as the final version is officially available, we will take another close look at all the contents.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) incorporates standardisation organisations from more than 160 countries and, across several phases, works out globally applicable standards. In addition to the official ISO, EN and DIN standards, there are carmaker specifications that apply to their suppliers. LEONI contributes its expert knowledge in numerous national and international standardisation bodies and trade associations