FLUY – automotive cables with ultra-thin wall thickness. FLUY benefits from space saving properties, with the cable bundle diameter reduced by up to 15%. The cable holds weight saving benefits allowing a saving of up to 1.5kg on the total vehicle, aiding fuel efficiency. The reduction in space used gives more room for the use of lighter aluminium cables.

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The Ultra Thin One


  • Range of cross-section 0.35 mm² to 2.5 mm²
  • In comparison with FLRY:
    – weight reduction approx. –7 %
    – diameter reduction approx. –11 %
  •  Good abrasion resistance
  • ISO 6722-1, LV 112-1, FORD ES AU5T 1A 348-AA, GMW 15626
  • Standard strand configuration type A
  • Bare and tinned copper strands are possible