Hivocar High Voltage Multicore

Development expertise and many years of experience with high-voltage solutions define our Business Unit Automotive Special Cables as an ideal partner. With LEONI Hivocar cables, LEONI offers a product family for use in electric and hybrid vehicles. In accordance with ISO 6722 and ISO 14572. In accordance with LV 216-1, LV 216-2 and customised specifications.

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  • specially selected materials for high voltage applications
  • very good thermal properties up to a continuous operating temperature of 200 °C
  • very good mechanical properties
  • wide product portfolio for all relevant temperature classes
  • Design with and without special EMV shielding
  • copper or aluminium conductor
  • voltage classes 600V and 1000V


  • HV battery connections
  • connection between inverter and electric motor
  • power supply for ancillary components, e. g. air conditioning compressors, electric heating
  • Internal wiring of HV components, e. g. battery
  • Charging cable for HV battery

HB Cables stock a range of Hivocar multi-core cables:

  • 76H00320A Hivocar 200-S 3 x 6,00mm2
  • 76H00198A Hivocar 200-S 3 x 2,50mm2
  • 7600000GK Hivocar 200-S 2 x 2,50mm2