LEONI ICON Instrumentation Cables

ICONBase comprises instrumentation and control cables according to the recognized standards EN 50288-7, UL 13/2250 and UL 1277. ICONBase cables are extremely reliable, tried and tested quality products which have proven their practical worth for many years now. ICONBase products form a comprehensive range providing suitable cables for all standard industrial applications. On the solid basis of many years of experience in international business (either project-oriented or geared to the site requirements of the customers) in conjunction with the above mentioned standards, we have defined a very wide product range designed to meet all field-driven product requirements. We have selected and elaborated a product programme designed to cover all usual applications. As a matter of course, ICONBase includes a large number of products with various forms of certification such as UL or EAC. Project requirements can thus generally be met with short delivery times and without the necessity of further certification. These cables are in use in all sectors worldwide. For example, ICONBase is the ideal product for conventional analog 4…20 mA technology and for systems using the HART protocol.

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  •  Ensures reliable performance in all usual conditions.
  • Instrumentation, thermocouple and extension cables according to the recognized standards EN 50288-7, UL 13/2250 and UL 1277.
  • Proven, reliable quality products based on years of experience in challenging applications.
  • Quickly available via worldwide warehousing.
  • With approvals according to UL or EAC etc.
  • Used in all industries all over the world.
  • ICON Base ensures reliable service, in particular in process measuring and control systems with 4…20 mA technology or the HART protocol.