LEONI Adascar Power

LEONI Adascar®Power offers a wide selection of multi-core shielded and unshielded wiring cables. There is, depending on the area of installation, i.e. interior, engine compartment or cable harness, a very wide variety of materials to meet the respective mechanical, thermal or chemical requirements. Shielding with a high level of coverage (up to nearly 100 percent) is essential when carrying currents to reducing the radiation and thus the inference to data cables fitted in the vicinity. For fitting in vehicle interiors, flame retardance pursuant to the international standards (ISO, LV, JASO…) is also assured with these special materials. There is also a choice of low halogen and halogen free materials.

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  • customer-specific cables available
  • shielded versions
  • certified according to international standards
  • extensive OEM approvals


  • lighting and cabling systems
  • wiring of electrical equipment (in board and out board, bodywork)
  • engine compartment, catalytic converter
  • power distributors
  • driver authentication system

We stock an extensive selection of the Adascar Power range.