LEONI Oceanography and Seismic Systems

LEONI offers cables for underwater applications that ensure interference-free telemetry of seismic activity on the seabed. In addition, the cables supply e.g. underwater robots with data and energy, both in fixed and mobile systems, i.e. also when a robot is pulled through water on the seabed. Available are hybrid round cables, e.g. for a sonar system, for a scanning sonar, for electromagnetic measuring systems and for marine measuring applications. LEONI also develops underwater cables for the connection between lighthouse and land, trailing cables for offshore applications, underwater fibre optic cables with steel reinforcement and deep-sea cables.

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LEONI is able to integrate following cabling elements in a towing or underwater cable:
  • Selected power cores up to 6 kV
  • Control cores, pairs, triples and quads
  • Data elements up to CAT 7
  • Bus cable elements
  • Fiber optic elements
  • Air, gas and fluid hoses
  • All kinds of screening elements
  • Strength members – steel and aramid – up to a load of 100 kN
  • Cross-linked and non cross-linked sheathing materials