LEONI Adascar Comfort

Product no. LEONI Adascar Comfort 7150-B 76782004
LEONI has an extensive portfolio of products for comfort applications. Depending on the layout and thus possible mechanical strain, especially resilient materials are used to permit fitting in the bodywork (power windows) and also to allow recoiling of the cable (entertainment). For fitting in vehicle interiors, flame retardance pursuant to the international standards (ISO, LV, JASO…) is also assured with these special materials. There is also a choice of low halogen and halogen free materials.

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  • customer-specific cables available
  • shielded versions
  • certified according to international standards
  • extensive OEM approvals


  • seat systems, power windows, mirror wiring
  • heating, ventilation and climate control systems
  • consumer electronics
  • car phone
  • convertible roof, tailgate and sun roof systems
  • park assistance
  • driver authentication system

We stock an extensive selection of the Adascar Comfort selection, including LEONI Adascar Comfort 7150-B.