LEONI BETAtherm 155 UL/CSA UL 3289

BETAtherm®155 is a flexible low-voltage conductor consisting of a tinned copper stranded wire insulated with coloured electron-beam cross-linked polyolefine copolymer, Due to its electron-beam cross-linked insulation, BETAtherm®155 achieves a special thermal resistance required for Class F. This results in excellent thermal resistance. However, it cannot even be melted at elevated temperatures. Skinning is simple and also possible at machines. BETAtherm®cables are resistant to all common insulating varnishes. They are flame retardant. BETAtherm®155 can be used for the internal wiring of all electric machines and dry transformers, as well as in apparatus, machine and plant engineering and lighting applications. Due to the high thermal load capacity, it might be possible to reduce the conductor cross section and, therefore, save space and reduce the weight.

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BETAtherm® 155 UL / CSA UL 3289 / CSA CL 1503 150 °C / 600 V

  • Very high resistance to temperature, service temperature up to +150 °C
  • Flame retardant, low smoke density
  • Electron-beam cross-linked
  • Insensitive to the conventional insulating varnishes