High-power fast charging cables

LEONI HPC Cables: High-power fast charging LEONI High Power Charging (HPC) cables make it possible for drivers to charge their electric vehicles within a few minutes and to travel significantly longer distances. Such cables must have a smaller diameter to make them easy to handle, but this exposes them to overheating. This is why they are consequently fitted with a liquid-cooling system

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Advantages and properties

  • Fast charging at charging stations, for example in about five minutes for a range of 100 kilometres
  • Allow much longer ranges than before
  • High charging power up to 500 KW
  •  Transporting high charging currents
  • Small diameter, highly flexible and lightweight, therefore easy to handle at the charging station
  • Active liquid cooling as protection against overheating
  • Increased safety in the design as an intelligent charging cable iHPC:
    In combination with intelligent technology (LEONiQ) => sensory monitoring and digital
    evaluation of parameters such as temperature, tightness, mechanical load
  • Can be combined with status-triggered lightingfunction
  • Can be used anywhere, supporting all types of line charging available on the market
  • Approvals for the European, American, Japanese and Chinese markets