LEONI SeaLine ®

Along with communication and LAN cables, SeaLine® comprises a full range of cable products for all common bus systems on board to meet the demand for space-saving, permanently laid cable that simultaneously allows a communication system to be upgraded. Virtually all cables are approved by international classification societies. Inside our cables Our development engineers ensure that only those materials are used for LEONI-SeaLine cables that have been carefully optimized for the special demands of ship and marine engineering. For instance, we use specially adapted polyethylene (PE), thermoplastic co-polymers (FRNC/ LSZH),polypropylene (PP) and polyurethane (PUR), SHF1 and SHF2 for the jacket.

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LEONI SeaLine® for commercial shipbuilding:

  • halogen free
  • flame retardant
  • classified
  • Communications and LAN cable
  • Bus cable
  • CCTV camera cable
  • Fire resistant cable
  • Coaxial cable
  • Special solutions

EONI-SeaLine cables can be made with the following properties:

  • resistant to seawater
  • resistant to oil
  • flame retardant fireproof
  • halogen free, non-corrosive pressure resistant
  • neutrally bouyant applicable for towing
  • resistant to chemicals longitudinally water blocked
  • transversely water blocked resistant to the process of hydrolysis

Using a variety of shielding technologies and special materials provides optimum EMC screening properties.

  • foil, braided and served wire shields that can be combined
  • shielding materials: bare, tin-plated and silver-plated copper wires

High tensile strength due to either steel or aramide strain relief elements

Cables designed as …

  • round, flat or profile-extruded cables
  • hybrid cable integrating control, data and power cables; integration of fiber optic cables and media hoses
  • spiral cables with powerful recoil action and extension lengths of many time the closed block length
  • fiber optic cables
  • coaxial cables for video and data recording