Dacar LVDS & Bus Systems

Symmetrical data transmission cables for a wide variety of telematic systems. With applications ranging from multimedia, to rear view camera systems LEONI Dacar is the latest automotive data cables (Flexray/CAN/USB) for mobile phone interface and ipod. With solid/foam dielectrics, high mechanical strength and a standard temperature range of –40 °C up to + 105 °C we are sure we can meet your requirements.

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  • flexible
  • heat resistant
  • very good transmission properties
  • outstanding coupling resistance and shield attenuation properties
  • stable impedance
  • lowest Alien Next
  • superior environmental properties/recyclability
  • flame resistant

HB Cables stock a range of Dacar LVDS & Bus cables:

  • Dacar 535
  • Dacar 538
  • Dacar 518
  • Dacar 562
  • Dacar 636
  • Dacar 676