High Temperature Automotive cables ≥150 °C

Our cars are becoming ever more safe, comfortable and economical. New systems are continually being conceived that assist the driver and ease his or her “workload”. The consequence is that more and more components have to be accommodated in limited space and sensibly linked as well as wired. This accumulation frequently has undesired effects especially in the engine compartment and around the exhaust system: it gets decidedly hot. So hot that conventional cables are no longer up to the task. This is when special cables that can withstand temperatures of sometimes more than 150 °C also over protracted periods are needed.

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We develop and make high temperature resistant cables especially for:

  • lighting equipment
  • brake systems
  • power supply
  • petrol and diesel engines
  • hybrid power
  • transmission control systems
  • exhaust systems
  • heating and air conditioning systems
  • sensors/transducers
  • driving and passenger safety
  • multimedia/communication