Both cables have the same dimensions as Dacar® 462. High-performance polypropylene (PP) was chosen as the dielectric for both types. With its XPE (polyethylene), LEONI Dacar® 462 has a proven and very good dielectric; however, this material is only available from a few, select suppliers. To ensure reliability of supply even as new business continues to grow, we developed our own polypropylene (PP) formula. Our proven partners are able to produce that LEOMER material in sufficient quantities. Our existing supply relationships are being served as usual with LEONI Dacar® 462; LEONI Dacar® 462-5 is now available for new business.

As the demand for a higher temperature range has increasingly arisen in our customer base, we simultaneously also established a 125 °C type with our LEONI Dacar® 462-6, which is compatible with all applications that require a LEONI Dacar® 462. The difference here lies in the jacket material used. In addition to the higher temperature range, the high-quality polyurethane jacket can of course also cover widened areas of application. In particular, exterior use is now also conceivable.