Many factors interact when charging

Several factors interact while charging: the electric power of the charging port, the charging technology fitted in the vehicle and the size of the vehicle’s battery. Charging times will be cut from several hours to a few minutes by technological advancements. However, this means that cables with an easy to handle diameter but without active cooling would seriously overheat. LEONI has developed a special HPC cable for liquid-cooled charging systems so that the temperatures in the cable and on the connector do not exceed a set limit. The system manufacturer, who also bears responsibility for the overall system, chooses the cooling liquid. The materials used are tested for their compatibility with numerous, common cooling agents

Close to the customer: worldwide development and production

To make these technologies globally available we develop and make customised solutions in numerous regions – with countryspecific approvals. LEONI’s charging cables are approved to the new EN 50620 standard that applies in Europe. Internationally, this is complemented by IEC 62893. We have the following approvals: VDE for the European market; UL/cUL for the American, PSE for the Japanese and CQC for the Chinese market.

Cable combined with intelligent technology: LEONiQ

LEONI is opening a new dimension by combining cables with digital high-tech elements. LEONiQ is an intelligent technology that can record and evaluate such parameters as temperature, impermeability, mechanical stress and pressure along a cable system, but also its GPS position. This provides an early-warning system that monitors the health of the cable, reports changes in real time and enables appropriate action to be taken.